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Wireless charging ferrite sheet series with large charging power: KS100×100×10 RM95/KS100×100×5 RM95 /KS100×50×25 RM95/KS100×50×10 RM95/KS70×66×17 RM95/KS60×36×32 RM95/KR70×Φ5.5×30 RM95
Material: RM95

Description: Hard Mn-Zn ferrite blocks in square shape, mainly applied to the new energy vehicles requiring large power for wireless charging. KingStar has been working with renowned universities, research institutions as well as enterprises dedicated to wireless charging research in China, and provides them with the components for wireless charging, i.e. ferrite magnetics. Up till now, KingStar has more than a dozen of ferrite magnetic products for sale.

Material Characteristics:



Ferrite Sheet Overview (1)

Ferrite Sheet Overview (2)

Ferrite Sheet Overview (3)

Ferrite Sheet Overview (4)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (1) (in mm)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (2) (in mm)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (3) (in mm)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (4) (in mm) 

KingStar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and promoting soft magnetic ferrite products. Our products include ferrite sheets used for wireless charging and NFC & RFID, as well as soft ferrite cores with high permeability, high frequency, wide temperature, high impedance, low loss, and DC bias. KingStar has been committed to developing and promoting ferrite sheets (both hard and soft sheets) for wireless charging and is a leading professional wireless-charging ferrite manufacturer with a great variety of products and strong product availability. Our ferrite sheets are applied in consumer electronics, such as smart phones, digital cameras, and PCs, as well as small household appliance, TX and RX ends for car-carrying wireless chargers. These ferrite sheets are 0.4 mm to 3 mm in thickness, and has excellent shielding performance, high conversion efficiency, small heat generation, and stable performance. Our products have been sold to many world renowned companies in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and other countries and have a good reputation in the industry.

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